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Tips and FAQS


  1. Where can i find your products? You can find our Mailelani products in local supermarkets and gift shops around Apia. To all our overseas buyers click on our shop link in the home page. Go on our contacts to find map with all our stockists.
  2. What is the shelf life of your prouducts? Lotions: 2 years. Coconut Oil: 2 years. Body scrubs: 1 year. Soaps: 3 years.
  3. Do your soaps, lotions and oils come in the 7 fragrances? Yes, all our soaps oils and lotions come in our 7 fragrance range. (Koko samoa/Vanilla, Pure and simple, Noni and Honey, Moso'oi, Papaya and Mango, Frangipani and Coconut)
  4. Can i use the coconut oil for my hair? Yes, coconut oil nourishes your hair while levaing it soft and smooth.
  5. Are your products safe for babies? Yes all our products are baby safe, but we recommend to use the Pure and Simple Range (fragrance free) in case of any reactions to the frangrances.


Bye-bye pimples, zits, acne & annoying breakouts!

  • Yes! Coconut oil will help get rid of your acne. When your body produces bad oils you need to get rid of them and replace it with good oil; virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil will seep deep into your pores, pushing out all bad oils, toxins, dirt and blackheads.
    CAUTION: please do not freak out when you see your skin breaking out worse than ever. It is only the coconut oil pushing out all that yucky stuff from your pores. It will last a couple of days, but will dry out. Your skin will be renewed and clean and breakouts will just be a bad memory.
    Apply the oil every morning and night before going to bed with cotton buds. 

Shinier, Curlier & bouncier Hair

  • If you're anything like me and have curly, untamable hair, a bun is usually the best option. I have recently tried out a new way of using coconut oil for my hair. I agree that the thought of using strong smelling oil in your hair is not always appealing. However, if you apply coconut oil in your hair before going to sleep and rinse it out in the morning, you will notice your curls will be bouncier, curlier and shinier than ever! (And they won't smell of oil;)

Natural make-up remover!

  • A few drops of coconut oil on cotton balls is the most gentle and easiest way to remove make up.