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Mailelani products are naturally hand crafted with organic, cold-pressed coconut oil and other exotic ingredients

(Tamanu oil, Moringa, Mugwort, honey & beeswax, Turmeric root and more) from our local farmers.

Mailelani is for people with sensitive skin, natural skincare lovers, supporters of sustainable and ethical businesses and those who are just looking for something new, Mailelani is for you.

Mailelani, an expression of the abundant blessings we, Polynesians, have enjoyed for generations.

We strive to offer nothing but the best of Samoa.

인기 제품

Organic, cold-pressed coconut oil is the main ingredient in most Mailelani products. Coconut oil is known to be a safe and effective moisturizer for all skin types with no adverse side effects. Our body creams are ideal for colder and dryer climates, keeping your skin hydrated and healthy all winter.

Our body oil is easily absorbed leaving your skin feeling smooth. Coconut oil helps prevent stretch marks, helps reduce the appearance of scarring and is an effective make-up remover.

Helps relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis and itchy, dry skin.

Handmade soap

수제 비누

Charcoal Soap
Sugar Scrub

슈가 앤 샌드 바디 스크럽

Sugar Scrub
Refill Lotion Pouch

슈가 앤 샌드 바디 스크럽

Refill Lotion Pouch
Coconut Oil

유기농 코코넛 오일

plumeria coconut oil
Dewy Skin Day Cream

천연 밤 등

Shave & Cleanse


Refill Oil Pouch

슈가 앤 샌드 바디 스크럽

Refill Oil pouches
Natural Body Lotion

천연 바디 로션

Natural lotions
Natural Balms & more

천연 밤 등

Natural Balms
Facial Range

페이셜 컬렉션

Facial Range

Clearance Sale!


Sustainable development and ethical practices are the core values of Mailelani. Our goal and vision is to create a value added, natural skincare products to not only take care of your skin and hair, but to promote the beautiful islands of Samoa to the world. Our goal is to contribute to the development and economic growth of Samoa by employing our local people and working with independent coconut oil farmers. All of our products are made of natural ingredients, handmade and formulated to take care of your skin and hair.  

Mailelani Gift shop in samoa
Cross Island Road Papauta, Samoa
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