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Handmade coconut skincare from Samoa

Soft, glowing, healthy skin is at your fingertips with Mailelani organic coconut oil skincare from Samoa. Mailelani skincare products are naturally made with organic coconut oil (or suau’u popo as we call it here in Samoa) and other tropical ingredients. Handmade from virgin coconut oil, this range of pure skincare products are full of natural and nourishing goodness. Your skin will feel smooth, supple and moisturized, with a lingering tropical fragrance. Our products help sensitive skins (suffering from dryness, acne, psoriasis, swelling, eczema...) and provide hydratation, cleansing, soothing, exfoliating, firming, smoothing and a lot of other benefits. The Coconut Oil also protects cleans, nourishes, protects and beautifies your hair. 
Discover below a complete range of eco-friendly products formulated to take care of you without harming our beautiful earht. 

From our home to yours - Mailelani, Samoa in a bottle.


Handmade Soap

수제 비누

Natural Charcoal Soap
Sugar & Sand Scrub

슈가 앤 샌드 바디 스크럽

Sugar Scrub
Body lotion refill pouch

슈가 앤 샌드 바디 스크럽

Refill Pouch Lotion
Organic coconut oil

유기농 코코넛 오일

Plumeria Coconut oil

페이셜 컬렉션

Untitled design (3).png
Coconut Oil refill pouch

슈가 앤 샌드 바디 스크럽

Refill pouch oil
Natural Body Lotion

천연 바디 로션

Body Lotion
Natural balms & more

천연 밤 등

Natural Balms

천연 밤 등

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