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Coconut oil farmers


Virgin coconut oil handmade in villages

Organic, cold-pressed coconut oil is the main ingredient in all Mailelani skincare products. The coconut palm (Cocos Nucifera) is found in all tropical regions of the world and thrives in Samoa. Historically, the local people have harvested different parts of this bountiful tree for a whole range of uses – hard material and fibre, health and nutrition. You can use every part of the coconut tree. or there is a use for every part of the coconut tree. or Every part of the coconut tree can be put to good use.

Mailelani’s skincare products are all made from organic Samoan coconut oil. Few coconut oils can claim this. Commercial grade coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut flesh (copra), then refined using heat, filters and preservatives such as sodium hydroxide. Other methods use chemical solvents to extract the oil. This produces Refined, Bleached and Deodorised (RBD) coconut oil, which may then also be hydrogenated. At Mailelani, we prefer to use oils extracted in a much gentler, natural way.

The Direct Micro Expelling method (DME) is simple and environmentally friendly Dr Dan Etheringthon developed the DME technique and founded Kokonut Pacific, bringing “new life from the tree of life” to island coconut producers and coconut consumers all over the world. With the DME process, virgin coconut oil is extracted only from fresh coconut flesh. Besides, the oil that’s produced is of excellent quality – handmade, natural, raw and unrefined, retaining all the original qualities of the oil. In this method, the oil is extracted from the coconut within one hour of splitting the seed. Small local teams grate the flesh, dry and load it into a press and hand- press it. The dry coconut residue is great for baking, so nothing gets wasted!

Being such a natural product, Mailelani handmade, organic coconut oil is gentle on your hair and skin. Its natural glycerin moisturises and leaves your skin silky smooth.

Benefits of Coconut oil for your skin include:
● Excellent hydration, as it’s readily absorbed and doesn’t leave a greasy coat.
● A safe, effective moisturizer for all skin types with no adverse side effects.
● Resistance against wrinkles and sagging of skin by preventing dryness and keeping your skin supple.
● Protection against stretch marks
● Gentle, effective makeup removal.
● Relief from sunburn and itching.
● Helps to heal from bruises and scratches.
● Treatment for various skin problems, including psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.
Coconut oil also cleans, nourishes, protects and beautifies your hair!

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