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Skincare & Natural Beauty Products from Samoa.

Natura by Mailelani           
          The coconut oil story            Sharing the unique Flavours of Samoa

I really love the fragrance of the soap Frangipani & Lau Ti Infusion, it was lovely using it in the bath tub and smelling it, it was so fragrant and decadent, I really loved it. All of the fragrances are rich, especially the frangipani one."

Handmade coconut skincare from Samoa

Soft, glowing, healthy skin is at your fingertips with Mailelani organic coconut oil skincare from Samoa. Mailelani skincare products are naturally made with organic coconut oil (or suau’u popo as we call it here in Samoa) and other tropical ingredients. Handmade from virgin coconut oil, this range of pure skincare products are full of natural goodness. Your skin will feel smooth and supple, with a lingering tropical fragrance.

Our virgin coconut oil is ethically sourced from farmers and villagers in Samoa and handmade by our small local team. The coconut oil used in Mailelani skincare products is certified organic. Virgin coconut oil is luxuriously nourishing and easily absorbed by your skin, helping it look youthful, soft and glowing. When you buy Mailelani handmade coconut oil skincare, you know you’re not only doing something good for your skin – farmers, villagers and workers in Samoa all benefit from the ethical production of this local treasure!